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Chemical Name 1-Phenyl-1-Ethyl Acetate
Methyl phenyl Carbinyl Acetate, Gardenol
CAS No. 93-92-5 Formula C10H22O2
G.R.A.S F.E.M.A No. 2684 Molucular Weight 164.2

Physico-Chemical Properties
Colour & Visual Appearance Almost Clear, Colourless Liquied
Gardner Scale 1.0 Max
Specific Gravity 25/4 1.0220 ~ 1.0300
Refractive Index 20/D 1.4920 ~ 1.4970
Solubility in Ancohol Soluble in & volume of 60% Alcohol
Boiling Point 212 °C
Flash Point 178 °F (81.0°C) TCC
Typical GLC purity  
     •    Sum of Isomers Not less tahn 98.0 %
Ester Content (Cal. as C10H22O2) Not less tahn 98.0 %
Acid Value Not more tahn 1.0
(The above properties are typical of STYRALYL ACETATE but should not be confused with, or regarded as, sales specifications. )
Packing and Transport Information
Packaging :
Drum - Good quality galvanized iron drums - 200 Kgs. ± 1% net  weight.
Caboys - HMHDEPE - 25.0 Kgs. ± 1% net weight.
Cans - Aluminium - 20.0 Kgs. ± 1% net weight.
The capability exists for shipment in larger containers including Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC)
Not compatible with : Ordinary M.S. Drums, Transparent H.D.P.E. Barrels/ Cans.
Inland (RID-ADR) Not Regulated
Sea Freight (OMI) Not Regulated
Air Freight (IATA) Not Regulated
Storage Conditions
Keep the product in a tightly closed and well ventilated area away from ignition sources and direct sunlight. Take the normal precautions that are required for organic liquids of cosmetology. When stored for more than six months, quality should be checked before use.
Safety Precautions
Please refer our safety data sheet.
Warning to Users
The information contained in this document is given in good faith based on our current knowledge. It is only an indication and is in no way binding, particularly as regards infringement of or to prejudice to third party rights through the use of our products.
Privi Organics guarantees that its products comply with its sales specifications. This information must on no account be used as a substitute for necessary prior tests which alone can ensure for a given use. Users are responsible for ensuring compliance with local legislation and for obtaining the necessary certification and authorization.